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Are Tinder and Bumble Straying too far from Core Value Prop?
A transcript snippet from a former Senior PM at Tinder had the following to say about Tinder and Bumble's $BMBL focus on "building things that aren't actually dating experiences." He argues that this has allowed Hinge, owned by $MTCH, to gain market share for sticking to the core value proposition, of being a dating app.

"I think that actually resonated with a lot of users where they're like, "Oh, I don't care about these weird social experiences, you shoot more in the Tinder and Bumble. I want the best dating app."

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Cannibalizing your own market share sounds better than losing it :)
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@invesquotes Yea haha, I see Hinge as a hedge to Tinder.
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Does anyone else get ads for Facebook dating all the time? Seems like I get at least one each time I log into the app - no idea if it's getting traction though. Just curious - haven't clicked yet ;)
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@01core_ben Not me personally, but I do remember the hullabaloo when they launched that service.
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@investmenttalk I think Facebook knows how badly my Aunt and Grandmother want me to get married - so they're doing their part...
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This sounds to me like optionality and I'm very happy for $MTCH to leverage their network and brand to experiment with different kinds of experience. This is what innovators do!
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I’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time, but I never hear anyone saying they use Tinder or Bumble anymore. It’s only hinge.
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@carterkilmann Same, although I do occasionally mingle with my partner's couple friends and mostly all of them met on Tinder or Hinge.

Whenever I go for drinks with my single friends, I am conducting DD on their dating app preferences haha.
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For a long time, both platforms are focused on helping people find love. Their developments seem to focus more on promoting hookups and other disgusting types of relationships. That's why I saw them as straying far from their core value prop for a long time.
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@dissectmarkets I think dating is conducive both long-term and short-term relationships. So long as the two parties are upfront and aware of what each other wants. Mostly all of my couple friends found one another through an app, so still seems to be working.

I personally don't view hook-ups as disgusting though, so maybe we differ on opinion there.
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@investmenttalk very reasonable take sir
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I've tried them all, and would agree. Hinge has a great value prop. in all the features you need to pay for in other apps.

Facebook dating doesn't charge you for anything at all. It feels like a blue-app engagement funnel, allows you to connect on facebook outside the dating realm, get on messenger etc. It also functions as a data/user collection mechanism I think, since you share a lot of your interests on dating apps - therefore giving them ad inventory supply. Facebook doesn't have a dating app brand, and doesn't feel like it will take off giving the competition they have in this space.

If dating apps are the first engagement funnel, instagram is where you get a glimpse of the person's life and whatsapp/personal messaging is where you finally connect on a personal level. So these dating apps need this ecosystem of other social networks to work well, I believe.