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What kills large companies
Yesterday I read the following article from 1993 called "Dinosaurs" which basically versed about how (and why) large companies fail

"The normal and ruinous problems of success, so it is contended, are complacency and size."

Then I remembered reading the following in an expert call from an $INTU former employee

They basically talk about how Intuit is so good at executing and moving fast.

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Of course, $INTU is a pretty large company, so how are they able to pivot so fast?

The expert then shared that the key was in the infrastructure. $INTU made a decision some years ago to tailor its infrastructure to an agile organization, and that's paying off now.

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When looking at a large organization, flexibility and awareness of rising competition is key. Disruptors tend to move faster and can end up eroding strong moats, specially in tech.

No large company wants to be the next Sears, but many will eventually end up that way.

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Excellent article Leandro! I personally love to use a boat analogy to describe this problem of the lack of agility in big companies: they’re like a tanker ship that has immense force but little ability to change course. Young startups on the other hand are like speed boats, agile and and can turn on a dime.
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Great context around why the innovator's dilemma is such a real thing. Makes me want to take a deeper look at Intuit. Such a sturdy business
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@ccm_ryan if there’s one thing that surprises me about Intuit is their startup mentality
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@ccm_ryan if you read the most recent earnings call you can see this. Mailchimp is not working as expected, CEO out, stopped marketing and poured that money into product development, all inside one quarter
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Thanks for sharing this snippet. I feel like one could substitute $AMZN for $INTU in this little transcript and it would still make good sense.