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Doing my due diligence on Nintendo (yesterday) with my little one …
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I know that @invesquotes has been researching Nintendo recently too I am sure he would have some quality resources and insights to share.

Also hope you both had a fun day out :)
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@joeyhirendernath thank you and yes @invesquotes been helpful!
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Haha, love this.
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I conduct research on cheesestrings often for the purpose of my children
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@reasonableyield haha 😆 same same
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Such a great way to teach kids about investing! The continued success of the Switch has been super impressive.

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@tomato oh thanks for sharing this
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Fun DD with the little one. Really cool to see your kids enthusiasm for a brand you were also crazy about when you were a kid. Nostalgia a powerful thing.
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@rihardjarc thanks, and nostalgia is indeed a powerful thing on which is hard to put a price tag



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