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BlackRock’s iShares ETF business attracted higher flows than Vanguard in 2022 (FT)
"iShares attracted net inflows of $221bn in 2022, down 28.3 per cent from a record $308bn in 2021, Morningstar data show, in a year in which overall global ETF inflows fell 32.8 per cent from $1.29tn to $867bn."

"Vanguard’s inflows fell further, by 39.7 per cent from $355bn to $214bn, according to Morningstar, allowing iShares to claim top spot for the first time since 2019. Despite this, Vanguard’s total ETF assets actually fell slightly less, by 10.3 per cent to $2.1tn, compared to iShares’ 11 per cent decline to $2.9tn." (FT)

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Source: FT
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Interesting! Not sure what it's worth but Vanguard was much more popular than iShares on Google in 2021 and 2022

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@tomato I think that might be more relevant for retail rather than institutional investors.
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The era of passive investing continues. Wonder how it ends if it all...
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@rihardjarc Let's see ...



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