Spend your time wisely
I see many investors spending a considerable amount of time discussing the crypto market and the recent foibles of FTX and it's shady, soon-to-be jailbird, CEO. If it's not that, it's the minute details of Twitter's rule under Elon Musk.

Perhaps it's just the boomer in me, but if this doesn't pay you money, pay it no mind.

Time is scarce, and allocating the precious amount of it we have each day to noise like this will do you no good.

Have a great Thursday everyone!
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@kostofff Some level of blinkering is required!
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Great bit of advice. Time is the most important resource and there's better more efficient ways to spend than analysing noise if you are not directly concerned.
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Time is the greatest asset of them all. We learn this normally when it's already too late.
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Needed this. My screen time plummeted last couple weeks as everyone obsesses over Elon and SBF. I guess I’m just used to short shelf life stories and news lasting less than two days until something else is front-Bruner. SBF is on day 5 now, YAWN! 😂
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At the end of the day it's a lot like "rubbernecking". Not very productive but plenty distracting and difficult to look away from.
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A great reminder! If only many would listen to this advice on Twitter hahah
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It requires discipline to focus on the critical few and ignore the trivial many.



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