Figure out what you don't want!
When looking for your next trade or investment sometimes the best starting point is figuring out what you definitely DON'T want.

I made a decision a while ago to exclude Biotechs & Chinese stocks from my sphere.

I also ignore almost* any stock under $10. (I will consider some that are big names or mkt cap, but generally this weeds out a lot of the shit).

Reducing the universe of names is a good starting point.
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I feel the same way about bonds. Just not my jam so I can bypass the noise about that market and instead focus on those areas I’m interested in.
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I seem to have stumbled (not quite blindly, but definitely in a bit of a fog due to lack of experience) into 4 distinct sectors, Tech, FinTec, Automotive, Medical/Biotech…I work in Oil & Gas, and spent 10 years in Pharma (Little Island) before moving to the Middle East. I think I know what I like, but try to remain open minded - I am getting better at ignoring the noise though.
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@hag For me it came about with Biotech/Pharma when scanning recently. A lot of speculative Biotechs popping up on scans recently but when you scroll back many have like 80% one day drops in the past. That's just not for me if I can avoid it at all!
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@irish I hear you, I bought some $XPEV stocks in March ’21, my thinking was that China would support their own over Tesla, and they might yet, but I’ve watched the price go down 74% since then. I’ll hold long term, but it makes me pause when a Chinese company pops up on my radar and now I give them a quick scan and move on.
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Inversion is a great strategy here. My goal has been to find red flags as quick as possible so I can move onto analyzing better opportunities.
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my list is unethical businesses that cause harm to humanity to make money, dying incumbents aka dinosaurs, "value" shitco's(I like value quality though), not a fan of marketing/sales-driven businesses(although I am guilty of owning a few, they make a lot of money, cant ignore), purely capitalistic businesses that care only about profits and selling sales to wall street(i like my businesses to care about all stakeholders, kinda like $COST), also anything that comes across from fintwit sourced from content creators/marketers but poor investors(nothing wrong with this, but these folks are just riding the name to get a following, remember PTON gurus? lel)

I am trying to build something exceptional, no compromises is the way to go.
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Good point in starting to screen from what you don't want.



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