Tight on Time, but Following a Process
Haven’t been too active recently in posting or investing

Life catches up and time becomes the limiting factor

In times like these, I’m glad I have my investing plan and strategy to fall back on. I built my investing plan around making it as efficient (time wise) as possible.

Capitalizing on intraday dips and short term price movements are not a part of my strategy and maintaining my weekly schedule provides me the time to review and pon on the weekends

During the weeks, I’ve just been letting my holdings ride, collecting dividends and reinvesting dividends

Having a set plan provides me the peace of mind to not worry when time gets tight

Have a roadmap you can follow and process you can fall back on!

Happy Friday, all!
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Happy Friday! Completely agree with this, I think having an investment strategy that is time efficient is the way to go. You need to make the process sustainable in the long term.
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It's a really good idea to think through how a strategy will work when you need to set it on auto-pilot. It happens to everyone and often you don't get to choose when your attention needs to be focused on other things.