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$406.6m follower assets
Hoping some of these go on sale for Black Friday πŸ˜…

What are you all watching? πŸ‘€

Thankful to @dylan522p and @chasinggreatness for helping me learn about the semiconductor space and $NVDA and @strategicinvestors for writing about $OKTA.

Hope everyone's holidays are off to a good start!
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$OKTA is a nice little swing-trading stock. Waiting for it to complete it's next bounce (looks like that could be today!).

No idea of what the company actually is besides some form of IT consultancy - what's made you pick it up?
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I'm holding $OKTA, $SQ, $ESTC, and I've been expanding the exposure to $PYPL via short put options. $SQ looks cheap now.

On the other hand, I closed out of $S and I'm looking to close $DLO.

Is this when high-multiple stocks get crushed? It looks like things are accelerating to the downside.
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Funny thing is that I was going to tax loss harvest some of my losers but this market doesn't seem rational right now.
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I'd love to pick up/add to my positions in $UPST, $DOCN, $CELH, $MELI. Happy Thanksgiving, @eric



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