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"Lost" an Entire Car Amount on $CELH
Going over winners is easy. Going over losers is PAINFUL! Especially, when it's from selling a position you had.

I sold 325 shares of $CELH at $6.18 a piece on 3/09/2020

Celsius is now trading at $105.36 a share with news of the $PEP investment

Moral of the story: NEVER SELL!

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I can’t figure out why the hell they’re trading anywhere near $100 a share🤷‍♂️got me.
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@wall_street_deebo maybe we should start an energy drink company? LOL
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Holding companies during market downturns is the hardest part of stock picking. I have a similar one. Sold $ALB at 60 a few years ago. Now it’s 240. Now I try to never sell. Only sold 2 positions in all of 2022
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@rpinvestments it's easy to say buy stocks cheap. The problem is they only look cheap AFTER they run up in the price. If only we had a time machine
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For what it’s worth, my regret is $OXY. Got lucky buying in near the bottom, dumped my shares for a healthy profit and now the stock has doubled from that point.
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@averageinvestor Maybe the moral of the story should be: don't check back on stocks you have sold LOL I also sold $OXY way too early. At least for that one I was worried about energy prices crashing
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Patience is important.
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Ouch, that has to hurt. Thanks for sharing this. What takeaways did you have other than Never Sell?
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@investmenttalk I was being facetious with my advice never to sell. Ideally, you should only be investing in companies you think have a superior advantage (MOAT) and not look at their price for the next 5 years.

In this particular case, I bought $CELH because I was drinking about two of them a day. I didn't have the research or anything to back up my purchase other than my own experience using the product. I just happen to get lucky.

Today, I won't invest in a company unless I believe its advantages over its competition is superior and it's trading at a relatively low valuation compared to peers.
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@conorvalue Thanks Conor. Do you think if you had spent some time doing more research that you might have had more conviction in the name, or perhaps less?
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@investmenttalk LESS, for sure. They were doing stock offerings and other things at the time. It was part of the reason why I sold it
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@conorvalue Just goes to show how much luck is involved in this game! I sold Celsius in the mid 40s a few years ago for similar reasons.