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$16.4m follower assets
Unfortunately for the FCA, the cat's out of the bag. This provides an even more compelling case for Commonstock!

'“[60%] of those invested in high-risk assets said they want stable returns. We don’t want to limit choice, we are just asking investors to pause and consider. Are you prepared to lose all your money? If the answer is yes, then fine,” Pritchard also said.'

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These stories are popping up more and more frequently here.

I think something like 66% of under 40s in the UK thought the crypto market was regulated. And 60% didn't realise you could lose 15%+ in a single day. Over 80% had bought crypto on a whim without so much as looking at a chart to determine if the price was going up or down.

Nuts stuff.
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What makes this worse is that you have influencers, like FAZE Kay, who are shilling crypto projects that have no viable tokenomics behind them. They get their followers to buy in and then pull all of their money out, leaving them to hold the bag... pretty evil tbh

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Exactly Sidni! If younger investors are onboarded in a community where experienced investors are active, the FCA won't even need to launch a warning campaign for volatile assets like crypto. They will learn it directly from their social environment.
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