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Gabe Plotkin's Melvin Capital got crushed by $GME, but the fund still has a massive $14B in AUM with a record of outperformance.

Here's what Melvin Capital did during Q3:

-Increased: $LYV $MA $BILL $SNAP $HLT
-New Buys: $AFRM $MAR $SQ $MCD $ASML. Call options on $MA $HLT $SNAP
-Sold Out: $V $TGT $M $HUBS $PYPL. Call options on $ADSK $JD $AMZN

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It's interesting to see $MCD alongside the likes of $SQ, $AFRM, $BILL. I like the company and think the have decent pricing power (though they should take care not to raise prices so high as to kill their value prop!)
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@ericNovember 17
Love the $SNAP long positions. Interesting to see the decrease in $SNOW and $GOOGL. Wondering if potential regulation has anything to do with the decrease in the latter.
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Great insight, with all the focus on $GME I never came across what else Melvin invested in.
@ryanakpNovember 18
What is the source of this data and how fresh is this? As of which date?
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@hedgevisionNovember 18
@ryanakp whalewisdom.com, data is accurate as of 9/30
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How have they performed
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@hedgevisionNovember 19
@rajksinghal Estimated return of 172% from Q3 2015-Q3 2021 versus $SPY return of 124%



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