Charted: The Dipping Cost of Shipping
Supply chains easing ... let's make inflation low again ;))

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Have been reading this in calls too, that airfreight & shipping times are coming back down to reality. Good news all round.
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Good news. Thanks @maverickresearch
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Good to see the container and freight market normalize itself. Thanks for sharing the visual @maverickresearch
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Really underdiscussed development over the last few months. Remember one year ago when this was all that was talked about in the news?
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@ccm_brett media, click-bait hunters like to cover charts that go up ... and 'forget' to talk when they cool-off and normalise ... the road from information to research & insight is long :)
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Who are some companies that will benefit from this in your opinion? I would like to think $AMZN but am trying to think smaller companies that could have big upside from this. Thanks!
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Back to reality for the freight industry. For them not expanding their fleet in the price craze was a right decision.



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