I want some thoughts on $LYFT Go!
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If you are looking at $LYFT buy $UBER
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@steven_xu @patwallen are a couple holders of Lyft...alternatively, would be curious why @bwright83 @rihardjarc and @brad own Uber over Lyft!
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@eric my thesis is an absurd thesis- I think prop 22 is destined for failure, smart EV autonomous vehicles will supplement the ride sharing world, and Uber will fail under its own weight- leaving Lyft to be purchased by an Aurora or Cruise or the like. It’s a long term data play and nothing else
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Lyft is a service, a great service. They have a wonderful ride share business and everyone I've ever interacted with there is fantastic.

I just don't have any interest in owning a rideshare business. Uber, on the otherhand, is a platform. I love platform businesses.
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give a thought get a thought 💭 😝. i dunno 🤷🏻‍♂️ i prefer them over $UBER ?
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How does robotaxi's like Cruise fit into LYFT/UBER's strategy. Are they working on it internally or relying on external development (ie. TSLA Cruise, etc). I know it's a little ways off but I think LT investors have to consider the good, bad, and possibly, ugly implications....
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Lyft will probably never gain much more than 30% market share to Uber's 70%.

Right now they're hovering at 68% Uber / 32% Lyft. I don't expect the competitive dynamics to change such that this market structure will meaningfully shift.

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Worse than Uber. Won't catch up.

Uber isn't great either though.
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You’d assume Uber’s revenue could be many multiples of Lyft’s for mobility, given they operate in 40x more countries.… and yet, they only generate a little over 2x the revenue for that segment? Q2 $UBER $1618M, Q2 $LYFT $765M 🤔