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I've lost more money stubbornly sticking to a failed trading thesis because of what "should" happen vs accepting what "is" happening and cutting losses to moving on.

I get pretty good at sticking to my plan, and then success breeds confidence, which ultimately get's me reaching and turning a solid plan into hope, and more often than not bigger losses.

Maybe we all need a reminder now and then. No matter the outcome $IWM has turned into a bad trade for me. From +200% to -50%

#stilllearning 🦜
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I can relate to this so bad it almost hurts... still have so much to learn and improve upon.

Also, btw, I see so many sharing only their successes and not the other side of that coin. So thank you for sharing both your ups and downs💛!
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Thank Viljar 🙏

By writing about both the success & failure's, I'm hoping it helps others learn from my mistakes as well as serve as a reminder for me to "hopefully" not repeat them too often. 😊