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Starbucks will be Just Fine
I’ve been reading a lot about Starbucks lately. Who they should and shouldn’t bring in as new CEO and I can’t tell you what they should do. But I do trust that Howard to put the right person in charge to lead this company with a lot of issues it is facing: China, unionization, competition. $SBUX
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Meanwhile, the stock is trading with an attractive dividend yield
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@dissectmarkets Sure is. I just started building a position last couple months
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Hope to get an even more attractive price for it 👌
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What is the bear case for $SBUX ? Interested to learn more.
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@stockopine China issues, competition, the whole CEO changing again, and unionization that’s on everyone’s mind
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@christian7621 I'd call these short-term concerns. They are worth paying attention to for sure, but unlikely to affect the stock 5-10 years from now. I think the rise of successful small/independent coffee chains is a potential bear case. Also maybe the weather in the world's coffee-growing regions, which in turn affects coffee prices and profitability.