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Getting the urge to buy again
I haven't been buying much lately. The 9-5 has been keeping me busy during trading hours since last week, but I'm getting the urge to buy again.

I've only got about 6% cash, so there's only so much I can do, but there is a bargain under every ticker it seems.

I'm trying to decide if I want to start adding back some large caps like $DIS and $AAPL, or if I want to add more to names already in my portfolio like $TTD $ATY and many others.

How are you guy's on CommonStock feeling? Is it fearful enough for you yet, or still too early?

Love to hear how y'all are feeling 👇

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I never really stopped buying, but I gotta say my sense of urgency has eroded lol
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@avid6ix Same for me, but at the same time that makes me want to buy more for some reason because all the bearish sentiment
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@hedgevision same for me, the more bearish the news, the more I want to buy 😂
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I buy at minimum a certain amount every week. Recently I've been allowing myself to buy more! So I've never really stopped. I'd rather buy on the way down than try to stockpile cash and throw it all in at once. Much easier for me and less stressful this way than trying to time it.
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@dividenddollars DCA is a great strategy, glad your sticking with your process
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I think that everyone must be prepared to buy and see things come down more. The fact that things could come down more doesn't contradict the fact that there are reasonably valued companies out there imho
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@invesquotes yep, my thoughts also. Some really good value out there across the market
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I'm certainly buying some stocks. I recommend placing your trades outside market hours to help remove the sense of urgency, or lack thereof. Some well placed GTC limit orders that fill at appropriate prices while you're doing something else is a savvy move.
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@valuabl I think this may become more of my future strategy as I’m getting busier during market hours
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I'm waiting a little more. QT hasn't even started yet (starts on the 15th of the month)
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@goldenlacllc maybe a sell the news, but the event situation 😏
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I agree there are many attractively priced securities today, particularly in tech. That said, I called bottom in March 400 points ago so take it with a grain of salt!

I think the important thing though is to not get married to the idea of bottom ticking things perfectly - focus on buying at fair prices and the rest will take care of itself over time. Historically, buying after a 30% drawdown (nasdaq) has been fruitful, even when the index had another 20-30% down to go.
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@zmo yep, can’t worry about bottom ticking, just have to buy when you feel like the value/opportunity is right
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Better to miss the bottom, than to guess the bottom
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@codeanand this! Well said
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@codeanand not worried about catching the bottom as much as I see a lot of value in many names out there
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Fear is there, naturally, but at the same time its oretty exciting to see some actual quality trading at reasonable, or even silly, values.

Probably a little too early, given the trend is not our friend, but i’ll probs be buying in small increments for the rest of the year.

Can sometimes take 12-18 months (longer in outlier years) to bottom, so gonna be patient.
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@investmenttalk patience is a virtue I don’t always have… especially when buying 😂
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Definitely comfortable buying here. It almost feels like you get bashed from everybody for being bullish, and with the overall market sentiment at peak lows and many other indicators showing liquidations across the board, I'm very comfortable making hard decisions here, Parrot! Make sure you add to your favorite high conviction companies and chill. It's that easy.
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@sammeciar thanks Sam 🙏
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I think that if one were to buy the dip, it should be in growth names because they crashed first, and I assume they'll rebound first.
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@dissectmarkets I like that thought, maybe still too soon to get back into mega caps
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The red definitely isn’t fun, but I have not changed anything

Setting minimum hold periods has allowed me to sit on my hands through this. It has really been a good test of self accountability

Still adding to great companies as my cash position allows
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I love these prices. And I’ll keep buying in little smaller increments than usual.
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I’m trying to decide myself what I wanna add too. Disney is beaten down so much idk might be the one to start adding heavy in. Also like some other growth names like nvidia, ABNB, and CRM
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@christian7621 I’ve been very patient not chasing Disney the last couple of years, but it’s one I’m very interested in under $100
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@parrot that’s exactly what I’ve been saying Disney under 100 I love it. Same goes for ABNB. What else would you be adding to besides Disney for the long term?
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@christian7621 I’ll likely add back Apple at some point. There is also a lot already in the portfolio to add too.
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@parrot yeah I’ve seen your portfolio lol. A lot of stocks I do like. You a fan of salesforce? Not a lot of people talk about it but I think it’s a really nice company
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@christian7621 not one I’ve dug into deeply.
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i just keep on buying every month. Although it is not easy to see all the red in the portfolio. But as long as you don‘t need the money in the next years i think it is a good decision. But could take some years until these invests pay off
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@mavix long term outlook and mindset is the key in this market for sure