Pokemon Go was the world's first real *viral* foray into AR, and now they're back to enable you to hunt for $BTC.X! I'm personally more bullish on AR than VR because interacting with people IRL is far superior to online. Let's see where this metaverse stuff all goes...

"Niantic Labs has partnered with Fold, the company behind the Bitcoin rewards app of the same name, to launch Fold AR, an augmented reality (AR) experience on the Fold mobile app."

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My older brother still plays Pokemon Go. Created in 2016 but still has a loyal following (although no where near as big as the craze it had when it was first released)
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@nathanworden interesting to hear because it really points to how the news cycle works. What you said proves that things don’t just stop all of a sudden, the media just stops covering it!



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