Following up to my post on being greedy when others are fearful.

I've been rotating out of some of my positions in banks/CPG to buy some battered high-tech high-growth names that I think are strong companies, now at reasonable prices.

Adding to my existing speculative posns

Adding to core posns

New positions

Also, plan to buy LEAP calls on the following if prices dip further (set orders with aggressive price limits).
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and my 'adds' are throttled (buy 1/3rd of what I'm comfortable with), which means I am willing to add one more installment of 33% on adds and 2 more installments of 33% on new positions. Sharing to encourage discussion on this technique
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So the ‘throttled adds’ are in case things keep dropping and you can add more lower?

Udemy is a new one! I didn’t know they were public!
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Yes. Exactly. I typically buy in '2s' in regular times and '3s' in choppy times since I have no control over the short term even though I think the price is 'right/comfortable for me'. E.g. I bought $PTON last week (or week before) and already down around 10%. No problemo!

And sometimes I do buy on the dip 1st time itself, in which case I'm also fine to buy at higher prices so long as I think the price is still reasonable.

and $UDMY went public about a month. I prefer them to $COUR given higher % of enterprise revenue, and fact that 2 smart people I know and like work there :)
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They both dropped quite a bit even before this meltdown on the horrible earnings of $CHGG, which makes little sense since the headwind of students not going back to 'physical' university or taking few courses for $CHGG should be tailwinds for $COUR and $UDMY. and yes I also bought $CHGG since earnings were pretty bad but i think the headwinds are temporary and their business model / value prop is more permanent.
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Update also bought $ADSK and $NTNX



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