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8+ Hours to Research a Company
A great resource every investor should use are the BRK Annual Shareholders Meetings which can be found going back to to 1994 on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

In the 1996-Afternoon Session, Warren Buffett talked about taking at least 8 hours to do his research on one company. Warren will read the 10-K of the company he is interested in and then read 8 other 10-K's of companies in the same industry.

This takes Warren about 45 minutes per 10-K so around 8 hours alone just on the 10-Ks. This takes myself a little longer.

That's just on the reading of the 10-Ks! If you ever wonder how Warren can spend so much time reading every day, I think you found your answer.

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Will have to check this out!
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@toasty_trading there is a reason Warren Buffett is the GOAT!
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@conorvalue without a doubt