When Fidelity liquidates a share of $MKL at $1,230 so they can charge you a $75 401k management fee
Why liquidate a share of $SBUX at $98 or a share of $TTC at $104 or $TXN at $168 or literally a share of any of the 8 positions in my 401k that trade between $95 and $250 when you can force sell a share at $1,230 to make me pay a $75 fee.

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Well that’s not cool
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@from100kto1m Joke's on them. The fee is being charged next week and I have a deposit from my bonus coming on Monday morning and they liquidated right at market open before the market dropped so I bought the share back at $1,214 lol.
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@interrobangbros nice! Maybe they knew it so did you a favor 😅



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