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Didn’t think I would be saying this (in a while)

But it’s nice to see today such a large down day so far and I hope it goes lower

I got some funds freed up that I can deploy if we get a let down
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Same, would not be worried if we go back to June low tbh
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@invesquotes with you both here. Happy to keep accumulating when prices drop and businesses keep executing!
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@invesquotes ouch. Are you looking at certain indexes for June low? I liked SPY to finish around 3950 for the year but volumes have been low of late.
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My puts salute you
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Agreed. It would be different if it felt like the economy as a whole was not strong. But it is. Everyone is working and a relatively high number of folks have a strong bank account number. Stocks and equities remain overvalued, and as such, it’s nice to see them come down.
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@from100kto1m are there any specific names that you have on your mind if we get a let down ?
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@from100kto1m Why the sudden interest in banks? (I'm thinking of your other thread where we were chatting about small cap banks and I brought up $LOB)
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@tomato it just feels like they (banks) have to start performing well at some point and while you are waiting you get paid to wait via dividends. $C got a lot of cash that it will have to give back at some point