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Not selling any Tesla $TSLA here and not planning to any time soon

Musk selling his shares in droves as promised via poll

The share price will fall (has fallen) but the business, vision, and earnings stay exactly the same

Sounds like an easy dip buy to me
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Elon selling shares was mostly preplanned dating back to September. He still owns over a 166 million shares. Not to mention he had options that were expiring, meaning he had to do or lose a lot of money. Meaning that poll didn't mean very much, it was a unnecessary show which knocked the price for no reason. It is a good company and it does make sense to buy the dip as it's a good long-term hold for sure.
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@jacobkt225 yeah people think it was impulsive when it was planned out
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Neither am I selling shares, but I am wondering how many times bigger $TSLA, with a market cap $1T+ (despite a 15% dip), can grow.
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He’s mostly selling because he’s gonna have a giant tax bill thanks to AMT.



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