September Portfolio
Pretty surprised Arista Networks has grown to the size it has and has stayed at the top of my portfolio for so long.

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Do you have a percentage cap for your largest holding, or would it depend on the company?
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@joryko I probably wouldn’t let my largest holding get more than 20% of my portfolio. That probably would make it hard to sleep 😌
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I saw that $TSLA was your best trade of the year. How long ago did you sell it?
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@dissectmarkets July 14th! I didn’t want to but had to buy a house 😔😏

Im down in Orange County now.

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@nathanworden I remember now from our dinner we had a while back! Thanks for showing the screenshot.

It would've been cool to see on CommonStock that you bought a stake in $TSLA during its IPO.
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@dissectmarkets yeah I wish that brokerages would share data that goes back that far! Someday!
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Do you consider $YNDX a complete write-off or do you have hopes to recouping some capital?
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@interrobangbros yeah complete write-off. I’ve logged in and tried to sell it many times, just to see if it’s trading again. But no. Can’t sell with trading halted due to sanctions. Stain in the portfolio really.
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@nathanworden That really sucks. I guess it’s an expect the worst, hope for the best situation.
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How many positions does the portfolio hold in total?
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@thethinkinginvestor 41! Kind of a lot. Part of the reason for that is I’m creating a portfolio for my future kids and I’m taking a somewhat more diversified approach for them.



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