Most important $RBLX metrics -DAUs = 47.3M, 📈 of 31% YoY

50% is now O13 demo

with level of engagement today on $RBLX, monetization will continue...they are just scratching the surface IMO on monetization
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Agreed!! Plus they have the youth… and that’s something $FB could only dream of. If they can figure out a way to retain users as they age while recruiting new ones (which they seem to be doing by that figure), the sky is the limit for $RBLX
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I knew $FB wasn’t relevant anymore when my mum and dad got an account.

Wish I’d jumped on $RBLX bandwagon when I saw it around $70 a share.
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I don’t follow the company, so just a random question. Have Roblox management ever discussed VR?



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