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Which company is better and why?

United Rentals $URI or Ashtead Group $AHT
Which company is better?
71%United Rentals
28%Ashtead Group
7 VotesPoll ended on: 1/17/2023
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Is neither an option lol. If I had to pick United rentals but still a big DE fan
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Trying to get the feel from people who know about these rentals

DE is not relevant here (great company though)
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@from100kto1m totally get it lol. @strib knows United rentals very very well. We’ve talked about it a ton. He’d be a great resource there as well as @stockopine
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Hey @christian7621. Yegor is already aware of our view regarding the two companies as he already shared our work on $URI on his latest newsletter release. It is a close tie and it depends on what you consider more important in your assessment. Is it culture? Is it financials? Is it the method of growing (organic vs acquisitions)? Or everything? Both of them are clear leaders with great future ahead of them.
If interested to read more here is our write up. You can skip to sections 6 and 10.👇



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