Someone with a penny follow this man!
He's at $99.9M in follower assets, let's get him to $100M!

(Also check out his latest analysis on GoodRx, it's 🔥)

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Haha thank you!
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Do follower assets update right away?
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@robertkinnam No, there is a delay (I cant remember the time, maybe 2 weeks?), this is to help prevent people from being able to figure out new followers balances.
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@robertkinnam To anonymize, follower assets update on a 7-day rolling basis.
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If the market will cooperate, we'll get him there soon 😂
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Meme achieved, we can all go home 😄

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Followed!! My pennies in $LUNA.X will get you there, @stockmarketnerd 😂😂😂
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Actual goal achieved!

Congrats @stockmarketnerd on hitting $100M in follower assets!
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