Data Center ETFs
Came across $WTRE today from WisdomTree. Does anyone know of other data center ETFs or CEFs?image
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I'm not sure I personally would consider WTRE a data center ETF since they have some other non-data center holdings.. Their website says of WTRE:
"The WisdomTree New Economy Real Estate Fund* seeks to track the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the CenterSquare New Economy Real Estate Index."

The CenterSquare New Economy Real Estate Index website states:
"The CenterSquare New Economy Real Estate Index (CSNERE) is a weighted index that consists of global stocks of real estate companies that have material direct and/or indirect exposure to technology, sciences and/or ecommerce related business models"

Back to WisdomTree's website, under the Why WTRE? section, they have a bullet point that read
  • Use to complement or replace global real estate exposure with a diversified basket of companies across the spectrum of data centers, cell towers, life sciences labs, last-mile distribution and cold storage facilities

Anyway, back to your original question. I can't find any strictly data center ETFs. There are data center REITs such as $CONE, $DLR, and $EQIX.

There's also Global X Data Center REITs & Digital Infrastructure ETF ($VPN).

That's all I can find on a quick search. Hopefully it's helpful.
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@interrobangbros this is super helpful. Thank you!image

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Sounds like $VPN is what you're looking for but $SRVR is a similar one if you're looking for a comparison to check out.