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A wild earnings season (aren't they all)!

I was able to jump back into $UPST at a decent price after selling WAY too early during the run-up

Also grabbed some more $U on the pre-market dip after earnings

My $AFRM position is fully hedged, and stemming some of the sell-off today

I'm most excited about $EGLX earnings today. I've been building this position (averaging down) for some time with shares & options, looking for some good news to get it turned around

Which RU excited about today?
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Upstart at $249.94
ParrotStockNovember 9
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Amen! Earnings are always crazy! 😂 cool, I got into $UPST too. At $233 and $250. Hoping for another great ride 😊
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@parrotNovember 10
I added this morning at $235 also; nice entry 👍



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