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$14.5m follower assets
YouTube's future potential.
I truly believe $GOOGL's YT has some insane optionality given the character of the platform.

Here's 3 paths I can see them working on forward:

  1. Cloud Gaming

yes yes yes you know by now I'm a huge bull on cloud gaming. but seriously - gaming has been a huge part of YouTube community since the beginning. YT has been ramping up efforts to attract streamers from Twitch too lately, a lot of gamers among those. Why not let people on desktops, consoles and TVs have an option to launch the game directly through Stadia for games they have in Stadia library as they watch a YT gameplay?

or why not work with the dev teams of some of the most popular titles to say have an ability to let streamers of games invite viewers in game by letting them join with ease of a click, especially with games like Among Us or generally those with a community multiplayer focus?

  1. Higher education

seriously, I can't believe YT hasn't done this yet. we're facing some of the toughest challenges in the labor market as much of the positions get automated, the need for reeducation of workforce is so important!

why not partner with the leading companies across sectors, leading universities and schools and develop a YT sub-platform focused on high grade edu content and let employers and general public access it all in one place if they pay for a subscription?

  1. E-commerce

(now AFAIK this is being worked on) just about any creator has some form of their merch. develop a place inside YT platform to list, shop for those goods, pay for them with ease through Google Pay. Perhaps partner with services like $SHOP and make it easy to integrate their listings onto the platform in case they already have a dedicated store.
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When you compare YouTube and Netflix, it makes Netflix seem really unattractive by comparison.
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@joeyhirendernath agreed. it's a fight of 2 worlds basically - one is based on content creation of individuals so by definition it'll always be trendy and popular as it reflects what's popular in our society, it's also very low-cost for YT as it just provides tech and connects advertisers with content creators whereas Netflix is a media company with a fancy algo and has to always make sure they create the top notch content and get the next hit piece right. It's also way more capital intensive by definition. Hence why I believe YT overall will succeed more as we shift from TV to streaming vs streaming services with original content.
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Interesting ideas, specially the higher education one, seems like a low hanging fruit.
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YouTube is a monster. I believe it’s the biggest threat to $SPOT
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@fatbaby yup, I share the same view!
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I remember back in the days when Smosh was the most subscribed account on Youtube with 1 million subscribers…the site has definitely come a long way and still has a lot of potential
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@hedgevision yeah, I'm on YouTube for over a decade now and can confirm. despite that, I love how they established themselves and where they're going. Besides that, their growth after all those years is still fascinating!
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@sammeciar Still can’t believe $GOOG acquired them for less than $2 billion 🤯 Probably one of the best acquisitions of all time
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@hedgevision Google has proven time and time again as a great capital allocator of bets that later paid off big time! One of my highest convictions for that reason too!
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With regard to e-commerce, creators can sell merch through their channels (but they rarely do)
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Good ideas for further monetization 👍🏻 Hopefully not more ads. The ad load is already too high for convenient usage imo
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In what innovative way that isn't covered by other companies would they be able to fit into e-commerce?
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@alex18 I'm not really talking about them creating a dedicated e-commerce marketplace but more as a feature that fits the whole puzzle and makes the shopping experience for creators merchandising frictionless, resulting in higher conversions.
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Awesome ideas, but I expect google to fail at these.

Who will succeed? $RBLX $COUR $AMZN $SHOP