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Falling asset prices are a huge roadblock to inflation. With the decline in stocks/ crypto people will put many new purchase on hold. I would not be surprised to see inflation moderate significantly in 2022 and thus it will not be as urgent for FED to raise rates, although their will likely be a few necessary rate increases in 2022 and 2023 regardless.
The FED new goal is to ensure homes and autos can remain affordable to most Americans.
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Asset prices factor into it, but inflation has a lot of inputs.

And inflation in different goods can move in different directions.

Higher housing costs are an outcome of large-scale internal migration decisions. These can take longer to reverse than food costs, which largely boil down to transport issues, or consumer goods costs, which are an outcome of COVID-related demand whiplashes.

Stocks, crypto, food costs and consumer goods could all go down next year while housing prices keep going up.
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Yes inflation in different goods can move in different directions, I believe high end goods like homes and autos are very closely linked with overall asset values just on a slight lag.



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