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The Contest of Compounder Champions
What's up Commonstock!

I have prepared the following contest that could be fun. I (together with another user) selected 16 high quality companies that have a history of compounding returns for shareholders and paired them against each other.

Quality is obviously something subjective but we did our best to select those companies that are of extreme high quality. If you don't see any FAAMG company that's because we avoided them on purpose.

What's the goal?

The goal is to end up with the highest-quality compounder as the winner.

When deciding your vote, you should focus on the company, not the current stock price. Besides the vote, we encourage you to give your reasoning so that others can benefit!

To vote for your preferred company for each pairing, I have prepared the following 24-hour polls for the first round!

Pairing #1: Costco vs Accenture

Pairing #2: Visa vs Zoetis

Pairing #3: Sartorius SB vs Ferrari

Pairing #4: Constellation Software vs Cadence

Pairing #5: ASML vs Hermes

Pairing #6: Adobe vs Copart

Pairing #7: Intuit vs Texas Instruments

Pairing #8: S&P Global vs LVMH

Hope you enjoy the contest!
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I have submitted my votes!
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@nathanworden your votes have been received and processed!
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Done! Forza Ferrari!
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@couch_investor tough draw for Ferrari to be fair hahaha
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@invesquotes Probably going to lose to Constellation.. rigged!
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@couch_investor would say Visa tbh 😂 or Costco
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@invesquotes I voted Accenture :s
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not easy choices 🧐
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@mavix you must decide!