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Of the 14ish positions I have theres at least 5-7 companies that on a regular basis make me think I should just sell everything and go 100% into that one. If you dont have at least a couple of companies like this in your portfolio what are you doing??
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I've thought that before, but it is important to remember as retail investors we are at an informational disadvantage. I have had a conversation with an institutional investor where I pitched a stock and he agreed with my thesis and dug into it more. Then he sent me data from a very expensive service days later that went directly against my thesis. Sometimes stocks are cheap for a reason and it is nearly impossible for retail to know why.
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@youngmoneycapital 100% agree, I think retail has a small informational disadvantage but a huge time advantage. As I've mentioned before retail does not need to make constant returns year by year (or else get fired), the biggest advantage of retail is that they could loose money for 5 years straight and then 10x and come out on top. Not saying its easy but definitely and advantage