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$23.7m follower assets
Cutting $TWLO.
I'm losing my interest in the company, it's slowing down NRR, losses widening and growth slowing down while SBC is still ridiculous. Profitability promised next FY but I'm not convinced as much. It organically turned into my smallest position and was sitting on the bench for a while now. Will redistribute proceeds to $MSFT and some other existing positions with unrivaled execution.
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Those are the posts people need to see. So much harder to sell a stock than buy one. Every time I sell one, it teaches me a valuable lesson about why I probably shouldn’t have bought it, in my cases, in the first place.
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@wall_street_deebo exactly! in general, we should share both sides of stories, good and bad when it exists. This one I had doubts about and that's why I refused to add more when DCAing into my positions and added to others instead. This quarter wasn't convincing to me and simply continued to worsen from my view in the areas I was doubtful of. On the other hand, most of my companies so far report absolutely incredible results despite macro headwinds and so I'd say this is probably one of my strongest earnings seasons in terms of how flawless my picks perform. Well, time to move on from this one and reallocate elsewhere where it'll perform better :)
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How long have you held it for Sam? and what was your entry point ?
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@joeyhirendernath this one I was in for a while now although you can say not long enough since in the meantime I had to rebuy as I moved on to another brokerage and then was buying after January, as you sure know since you follow me for a while, so I guess you can say I was a shareholder of this stock for a year+ if you exclude those little changes. But yeah, it's a great product, but I think the execution just isn't there as much as it could be. Wouldn't surprise me if this one gets acquired by some of the SaaS giants like $MSFT $CRM or whatnot. Entry price I'm not too sure about but I think it was high 100s and averaged down to $120s before I stopped adding due to what I felt like was an underperformance.
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Very much appreciate you sharing this— like @wall_street_deebo said, talking through the specifics of why you are selling a stock is extremely educational.