Long Term Portfolio Update
  1. Cash - 40% Allocation
  2. Cash - 30% Allocation
  3. Cash - 15% Allocation
  4. Cash - 10% Allocation
  5. Cash - 5% Allocation

Been 100% cash since March. I have been pounding the table ALL year on being short sided and cash heavy. I do my best to share my thoughts on here as well.

It’s BRUTAL out there for long only investors. Use this year to better yourself by learning to play both sides of the market.

It’s not time to buy the dip just yet.
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It all depends on strategy and time horizon. Do I envy your cash position? Absolutely, especially now. That said, you can still be a long player in this market I buy and hold for years. I’ve been smashed this year like many others but I have no intention of selling into weakness. I just have to recognize that it may take a year or two before I get back to where I was last year. I’m in this for retirement so as long as we can recover and rise over the next 20-30 years it’ll be ok.
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@strib Couldn’t agree more! If you are a buy and hold investor, you are getting a great discount on many positions currently. As an active investor, I will hold something for a year or two until it changes trend. I’ll wait patiently for a base to form and buy to ride the next wave up. I did this with $NET from $58 - $196, $PYPL, $SE, and a few others just to name a few. While I love all of these companies long term - cutting my position at key levels has saved me thousands. Ultimately, I will short these positions on the way down and flip long when they look ready to move back up.

All about strategy as you said, but every buy and hold investor can improve their gains by selling options against their positions or cutting in major downtrends and buying back at cheaper prices.
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@strib amen brother. Right there with you
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Considering the insane amount of demand for airline tickets and travel services, I wouldn't be surprised to see all of those businesses reaching new 52-week highs consistently. Many have forgotten that we have a major travel season coming.
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@dissectmarkets airport chaos holding them back? Their stocks were all setting up a few weeks ago but have since broke down. $LUV $UAL $DAL
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Cash since Jan 4 🥹