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Ad Tech getting sold off despite decent earnings reports.

I think, despite the headwinds, the market was looking for big beats, and isn't satisfied with "just" steady progress.

$ATY continues to grow Illumin & CTV has grown over 200%, granted both from a small base. This will likely take longer than a few Q's to play out, but I believe they are a long term winner, and I added on todays dip.

btw; they are net positive with $100M in Cash and a market cap under $400M
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ParrotStockNovember 3
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@parrotNovember 3
I listened to $ATY earnings...

They mentioned that Illumin needs a creative & payment tool to incorporate their small market advertising plan (would expect M&A in this area)

CTV makes up just under 10% of revenue, and is growing at 220%... something to watch

Their Twitter page hinted at a Shopify deal yesterday, then Tal (CEO) backtracked a bit on the call. Poor optics in my opinion.

Stressed "MEGA" growth in 2022 and warned that they would sacrifice EBITDA to push that growth.

This is a prove it story now. They were trading at 16x 2021 rev's, after today closer to 12x...

If they prove it, it's a steal here, if they don't, they are a value company with positive cash flow and $100M in the bank.

I added more shares with the expectation that it may be a year before we see growth come to fruition.

Thinking about doing a full memo on them next week...



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