Cleaning fees are a major complaint that $ABNB customers have.

Despite the cleaning fees, many continue to book nights in other people's homes via Airbnb.

Why is it that people continue to prefer vacation rentals over hotels?
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I may be an outlier, but I find the Airbnb experience pretty terrible and always just opt to go for a hotel when I travel. I prefer quality assurance, and the maid services.
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@investmenttalk I've never been in an Airbnb but I've always found the amenities of a hotel to be way better and provide more value to me than an Airbnb. Plus, hotels have security and Airbnbs don't.
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I am guessing the various types of properties available on $ABNB are a lot more unique. @dissectmarkets what would be your guess as to why this might be the case?
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@joeyhirendernath my best guess is that people prefer to try new things. Before the pandemic, Airbnbs were usually much cheaper than a hotel but during and after the pandemic, they became much more expensive than a hotel. I assume that people still prefer experiences or that many are traveling outdoors rather than in the city and there are way more Airbnbs in the outdoors areas than hotels.
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I have a family two teenagers and a younger one. 2 bedrooms often doesn’t cut it without a good sofa bed. 3 would be ideal, especially in stays of a week or more. I want something with a garage in case I have a rent a car…I don’t want Buffett breakfasts in most cases, I like going to discover neighborhood cafes and restaurants.

Airbnb or apartment rentals turn out relatively cheaper, and I can get mid-stay cleaning done through the hosts in most cases.

Yes it’s a pain to stay at inexperienced hosts’ apartments, but when you get a superhost, it can really help make the holiday amazing!
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Ps - I’m sure there are other companies that offer this and they’re great. I just like to carry forward my rating (as do hosts I suppose) on $ABNB - platform effect.

We’ve also used experiences like graffiti workshops in Brooklyn, food tours in Barcelona, and they’re wonderful too!
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@passiveinvestor Would you suggest sticking to Super Hosts for the first few times?
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@investmenttalk definitely take places with strong and multiple(to avoid any manipulation) reviews over 2 years…

One major caveat I’ve had sometimes is that I book my place and then for no reason the place disappears, and the host says it’s “double booked” airbnb has NO answer to cases like this. It makes me wonder if it’s because they didn’t like my profile pic! I guess I don’t have this with hotel/“s… 😂
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@passiveinvestor Change your profile picture to Brad Pitt, works everytime :) haha
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I prefer a hotel 99% of the time. Much more convenient, maid service, and since I travel a lot with work... they are usually free for me.

The couple of times I've opted for an ABNB, it was for very large groups, and I think it's nice when everyone wants to hang out and visit/communal live for a few days on vacation.

If we can get everyone in 2 or 3 hotel rooms, I prefer going the route personally.
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@parrot thanks for sharing your thoughts. Is security another aspect that makes the hotel experience much better than that of an Airbnb?
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@dissectmarkets security hasn't been a concern with the bookings I've made. All have been large groups in good areas.

It's more the hassle with "house rules", cleaning, unknown quality of furnishing and amenities, etc. I've not had any bad experience with ABNB, it's just a bit of a hassle when your on vacation and trying to relax. But I do like them for large family gatherings, for a place for everyone to base out of and hang out.
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Kids. If you have kids then $ABNB is the way to go. It is impossible to put a toddler to sleep (who usually have a much earlier bed time than you) in the same room as you. The extra rooms make all the difference.

I also personally enjoy the experience of $ABNB. Sitting on a porch to drink some coffee in a neighborhood instead of in a hotel cafeteria. I still remember the Abnb we stayed at for a couple of my favorite holidays. Had a fire place at one last winter. Can’t do that in a hotel.
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@rpinvestments thanks for sharing your experience. For my parents, even if it felt impossible for them to sleep in the same room as me when I was a child, me being in the same room as them gave them more peace of mind than if I had my own room to myself. That's why I doubt they would opt for an Airbnb if the service came during my childhood.
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@rpinvestments the experience, that's highly underrated. I definitely need to take a day in an Airbnb and enjoy that experience.
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It's interesting to read people's experiences with $ABNB and preferences. It definitely sounds like for groups and kids, $ABNB is the way to go. I often travel alone or with my partner so maybe I'm not the target market? Count me among those that prefer a hotel 99.9% of the time. For the others here in the comments who prefer hotel stays (@investmenttalk @dissectmarkets @parrot): do you happen to own any $ABNB?
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@tomato I don't own $ABNB. Though I have it on my watchlist, I just wonder if they will replace hotels or if trends reverse and people go back to preferring hotels.