$AMZN Rivals $META and $GOOGL for Ad-Spending Share
Amazon is already a powerhouse in the digital-advertising market, with WARC forecasting its platform will attract $44 billion of spending in 2022, with only Google, Instagram and Facebook expected to generate more revenue. WARC's Marketer's Toolkit, revealed that 63% of respondents plan to increase the share of advertising investment spent on Amazon this year.

WARC's research suggests e-commerce platforms are evolving ad offerings beyond the historical performance-marketing-oriented origins, with Amazon leading the way. Its investment in video content, including sports rights, is expanding the inventory suitable for brand-building campaigns, while Amazon Marketing Cloud and Brand Metrics help advertisers track consumers' journeys through the marketing funnel.

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Source: Bloomberg Intelligence
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You either die a technology company, or live long enough to sell ads.
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long $AMZN also buying $GOOG if it falls more
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@growthinvesting $GOOGL trading at a 15.8x Blended Forward P/E (Hist Avg 22.8x) sounds like a buying opportunity to us.
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Does that say Alimama? lol
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I don’t see $SNAP on there. I wonder why when they miss earnings twice a year, all the real ad players tank
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@rpinvestments Snapchat is in there (bottom right corner) with $5bn