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Did you know...?
Did you know Neil Diamond was originally called Neil Coal until the pressure got to him?

I'll see myself out...

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But while I have you here, it's time to shamelessly plug my pitch for the September contest: a Polish coal mining stock.

With little debt, half the market capitalisation in cash, and ample free cash flow, this stock offers a 15% IRR and 70% upside to those brave enough to venture into the coal mines of Eastern Europe.

Don't forget to upvote if you like the pitch, and post your questions and comments.

Peace and love!
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Speaking of commodities, this was gold
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I'm here for every coal pun you can think of 😄
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Haha I am here for the puns 😝
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I am interested in a couple different companies one the Warsaw stock exchange. Do you know any good brokers where you’re able to buy them?
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@austintv99 I personally am not in that market, but I think Interactive Brokers has access to the Warsaw stock exchange. @valuabl can correct me— or provide better brokers probably.