PayPal 🤷‍♂️
Analyzed $PYPL today and I still don’t like the business. The company has a narrow moat in e-commerce with lots of competition. No way to predict how the payment landscape will look like in 10 years.

A big hope is Venmo. However, the popular app only contributes around 4% to revenues and isn’t profitable. Wouldn’t base an investing thesis on the highly growing app alone, as I have seen some investors do.

Historically, PayPal has made relatively substantial acquisitions and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them acquire a company for a few billion soon. Management picked good targets in the past and integrated them well, so that’s definitely on the plus side for the company.

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I bought after the drop @ $74 and sold on the come up at $96. Wasn’t in love enough to hold long term; bought in June, sold in September. Easy +29% gain. I feel like I shouted probably learn some TA but some of the time it just seems like common sense on these swing trades. One my September entry; never seen valuation like this.
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@wall_street_deebo That sounds like a nice trade, congrats 👍
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I wonder if that intention about them wanting to buy Pinterest would have helped the company now in a better footprint in the e-commerce vertical.
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Unfortunately, I see Zelle beating Venmo. Plus, as a former Venmo customer, I haven't used that app since during the pre-pandemic days. Zelle is just so convenient.
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I also hope that $PYPL could improve its customer service. The bad customer service is driving away customers.