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This $ROKU earnings report really isn’t the train wreck a lot of people made it out to be.
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I agree. I wrote this on Reddit a few minutes ago:
I know all the hubbub around Roku but they're now trading at a P/S of ~3, the lowest it has ever been. Their advertising segment has obviously slowed but it's still grown 46% on a TTM basis against peak COVID comps. Their active accounts and streaming hours are each up only 17% YoY but ARPU is up 36% so management does seem good as monetizing users. I'm not saying I'm buying but I'm definitely keeping an eye on it.

Edit: 15% and 19% respectively on active accounts and streaming hours and 21% on ARPU. Had a formula error.
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A lot of people talk about companies they know nothing off and base most of their views on the stock price.
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I’ve read worse. This is an expected slow-down across ad tech in general. Partly why I just sold out of $TTD today.
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What particularly do you think was not as bad as people said it was?
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@investmenttalk for a long term investor, the core business is healthy (active accounts, streaming hours, TRC, etc…).

Def not a good financial quarter (advertising got hit hard), but a look behind the long term drivers show a different story.
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@fatbaby appreciate it 🫡