Apple Event Goes Live
This year's big Apple event goes live in 10 minutes, does anyone tune in? $AAPL
Do you tune into the Apple Events?
48%I'll watch the highlights L8R
33 VotesPoll ended on: 9/8/2022
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BRB, buying puts…
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@jmc Seems like a gamble to predict stock movement on the outcome of an event, no? Or does that work.
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@jmc This has worked the past few events lol. Buy the rumor, sell the news!

Normally got a pump right at the beginning of the event then sells off through the event.
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@investmenttalk yeah, definitely a gamble. I do feel like $AAPL typically sees some decline in the aftermath of an event if they don’t announce something that didn’t leak (impossible nowadays). In reality, I’ll probably try to buy any dip that happens and increase my position, not short the stock.
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@jmc interesting approach, will be following your trade to see how it goes. just bought SPY puts myself
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@investmenttalk my form of gambling is instead in Bills -2.5 tomorrow night for Thursday Night Football
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I only ever watch the presentation if I think they might be unveiling something on my radar to buy. Nothing I'm looking for this year though. Most often I catch up on highlights after with one of the many recap articles out there. Here's what the WSJ wrote: