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Is the Mouse Dead?
When Does Disney stop bleeding??? Love to hear peoples thoughts on Disney. Not a lot of love happening with them right now and probably won’t be until next earnings and we see subscription numbers $DIS
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I think many are underestimating the business of its theme parks and the cash flow generated from its subscription services.
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@dissectmarkets exactly what I think too. People forget the parks aren’t even at max capacity yet add parks to a growing subscription service business this is an amazing stock to own
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Maybe @tsoh_investing could share some thoughts
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@from100kto1m Tough time for media stocks generally; there are many people who clearly doubt the long-term economics of global DTC SVOD / AVOD. Still think consolidation is likely, and short-term pain probably helps to move that along. Long-term, feel quite good about the investments that I have in this industry (latest $DIS write-up linked below).

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@tsoh_investing thanks for the write up. Definitely love reading about my top holdings and Disney is one of them. I’ll comment after I read any comments or questions
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@christian7621 Sounds good Christian, excited to chat!
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Mouse ain’t dead. It might need to stay out of politics and focus on its business a bit more but it’s a staple. Parks are picking up and it’s holding its own on the digital side with DIS+ it’s just gone out with the tide in my opinion.
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@strib yeah that was a mistake on their part. Should’ve stayed outta politics and the whole Florida bill. Parks and Disney plus together is very strong. Parks getting back to full capacity this summer, along with a growing subscription service it’s really a no brainer stock for me to own
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$DIS should see $87 or under in the next month or so. It has a gap to fill them it will be important to see how price reacts to this zone. This is my minimum target.
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People just want to be negative on them, it the same as a ton of people love calling a bottom to the market. Most people slamming the stock verbally have a political agenda & are hurt over Disney not liking how the state is going. They were right and wrong to get involved for tons of reasons, but it Disney and people love that little rat. Also they are a mega media company. People keep harping on Disney + but HULU is replacing cable boxes in a big way with live tv and sports. It is a multi faceted company, I have not invested in Disney the last few years but not cause I hate it or anything of that nature. It a great company with huge name brand recognition. It is never going to end. Go for it!
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@frankieciv608 thanks for the words and I agree with every single thing you said. Just funny how when a stock is down people talk so bad about it. Couldn’t be me. Gotta know what you own. Disney is a special company and is going to kill it for years to come
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Brand is still super strong… not sure on everything else!
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@fatbaby short and sweet and to the point. Everything else is just noise, brand is still super strong and I love Chapek don’t care what anyone else says
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I think there is much more to the business than Disney+. Unfortunately, in the time of streaming, I think the focus on Disney+ is separating stock price from the overall business
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@scorebdinvestor agreed 100 percent. Everyone only talks about Disney plus but rightfully so cause they are putting out good content and great subscription numbers but they do have more to their business then just that
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Just an observation. Look at that 200 Rising Month average. I think it would take some very bad news to undercut that. More likely it rises to meet somewhere above the covid lows. Mid 80s. Just an observation though.

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Also worth noting the very long upward trend but look at the "sideways" moves for years. Just an observation again obviously...The buy price matters!
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I think @ayeshatariq @stonkmetal @mt_capital1 would have some valuable insight on this.
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@joeyhirendernath thanks for the tag, but I don't actively follow Disney right now.
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Will theme parks ever die? They seem to do consistently well, barring when they were forced to shut down during COVID. Pretty consistent revenues from just their theme parks over the years.
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@alex18 it’s like multiple businesses in one and everyone forgets about the theme parks because of Covid. I’ve never not seen the theme parks doing consistently well. That could be a stand alone business on its own. Add Disney plus to that as well as everything else they do it’s a great company, mouse isn’t dead in my eyes
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This bleeding is ridiculous. $DIS is valued lower than what it was before they announced Disney+. Which now has almost 90M subs (I guess that has 0 value). Not to mention it is close to Covid lows where you had a global pandemic not seen in decades that shut 80% of their business down completely. Not to mention we had no idea if/how and when we would come out of it. But no rates rising by 2-3% is a much bigger risk for sure...
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@rihardjarc That's what I have been saying. It's like Disney plus Dosent matter anymore..its crazy. I think they are gonna come back very strong. Love what Chapek is doing and I am adding at these levels heavy
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@christian7621 Yeah right now investor sentiment is avoid anything related to streaming. It's like poison. But IMO the valuation right now on $DIS is pushing the extreme limits. $DIS is not just about streaming, studios and parks are decade business that have withstood time. And the brand is strong.
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@rihardjarc Brand is very strong and exactly what you said they have studios and parks which should be at full strength this summer. Im long $DIS till I am blue in the face
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@christian7621 They also have a great setup for streaming as they have a content powerhouse in house so the flywheel effect just keeps producing profits.
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@rihardjarc content powerhouse I love that analogy because it’s so true