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While everyone is going crazy about $GOOG I'm here looking at $OMAB earnings

Aeronautical revenues increased 33.2%
Non-aeronautical revenues increased 40.2%.

Total passenger traffic reached 5.9 million passengers, an increase of 29.6% as compared to 2Q21

OMA Carga’s revenues increased by 42.8%

Hilton Garden Inn had a 75.3% occupancy rate

OMA VYNMSA Aero Industrial Park: Revenues an increase of 16.3%

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I've seen this name mentioned a few times in the past week. Now I'm mad I'm going to have to start digging into a foreign airport.... not something I was expecting.

Thanks for sharing
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@devinlasarre my pleasure, if you dig up anything “interesting” please do share DMs are always open :) (here and twitter)
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Their profitability metrics are impressive. I struggle analyzing these companies impacted by Covid. I need to see 10 year numbers. The recent numbers are skewed. I see 3 & 5 year growth rates of 3-10% (includes Covid years) and YoY growth of 200-400% (obviously lost-Covid). I don’t know what normal looks like yet. Still seems to be an excellent company, thanks for the introduction. Probably see it in my portfolio soon if it’s available on Stash. I like betting on some foreign individual stocks. Since my country has become a reality tv show.
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@wall_street_deebo to be fair their numbers are still a bit below 2019 (aka before covid) but are climbing with potential 2023 to surpass. Big factor with this co is the dividends that you get while company “gets back to normal” and yes I like that it’s foreign for a bit of diversity (also can’t own airports in USA)
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Also recommend checking out PAC, another beneficiary of restoring to Mexico
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@karan10489 Any good write ups on them?
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@reasonableyield unfortunately the best one I’ve read is behind a paywall but the 10k is a great place to start along with those of OMAB and ASR. The 3 have an oligopoly though ASR is more tourism focused. There were also decent write ups on Seeking Alpha under the PAC ticker you can use to get a start