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I definitely can see the value & “joy” around NFTs (for some people) but listening/reading to thing “here & there” about NTFs & I get impression that it is just a bit too culty for me plus there is just too much to choose from. Bunnies? Punks? Bulls?

I was never too much into holding things like paintings for value increasing purposes.

I have one painting and only got it because me & wifey wanted to put something on the wall.

I think I would rather hold $BTC.X then NFTs

Any thoughts? 🤔
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We take the position that there are two separate asset classes - Bitcoin and everything else in "crypto". In one bucket, there is only Bitcoin and its network is second to none, which is the store of value on its way to being a global currency of the internet.

Then there is everything else (NFTs included) that exists to be some sort of utility or a solution in search of a problem...Most of which are a distraction. Not to say you can't make money on the latter, however.

But for us, the brainpower we'd devote to the latter is better spent elsewhere.
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@from100kto1mOctober 22
@captain well put and I agree!
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@joshOctober 22
Like Team Cappy^, I view NFTs as an extension of crypto's utility. I haven't bought an NFT ever but I always hear about them. I view NFT holders as art collectors or even hype beasts.

If crypto can disrupt the art collecting industry, I'm always guessing what's next.
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Observing for now, seems like bitcoin 2017 mania.



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