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$18m follower assets
30 followers!! Excited to keep putting out content. It’s been an awesome first two weeks on @commonstock.
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Nice, follower assets, unlocked!
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Great to have you here Jared! Nice to see your follower base growing ☺️
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Congrats Jared!
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Great! keep it going
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Welcome and congratulations!
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Got one more!
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@01core_ben welcome. I like your portfolio! I used to hold KLAC and AMAT but trimmed down to just LRCX in semicap equipment over time.
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Congrats πŸŽ‰
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@from100kto1m thanks Yegor!
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Congrats! Just getting started!
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Congrats, Jared!
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Welcome to CS!
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@dividenddollars thanks friend! Love your portfolio
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@youngmoneycapital thanks! I appreciate the follow
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30 in only two weeks is awesome! Keep at it--glad to have you here πŸ™Œ