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Derek Spartz nails his Vital Farms call — $VITL +20%
On July 6th Derek Spartz (@derekilab) wrote that Vital Farms wasn't getting any respect. His thesis was simple:
  • $VITL's full year revenue guidance was great
  • $VITL's stock was at its lowest level of the year
  • The quarterly earnings call on August 3rd would remind the market how good the company was doing and the stock would spike

Today is August 3rd and Vital Farms reported:

  • An earnings beat by $0.08
  • Revenue topped estimates
  • Net Revenue increase of +28.4% to $106.4 million

Today, $VITL is up +29%

I bought on July 7th, the day after Derek wrote his Commonstock memo. Since Derek's thesis was around earnings, I'll be exiting my position today.

Thanks for the great call Derek!
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