"The Market" Stock Pitching Game Recap
Thanks everyone for coming to "The Market" game last night! We had 27 people show up and heard 7 separate stock pitches.

The pitchers were so good, I had a hard time cutting them off when their time was up. I promise to be more ruthless in the future, but man, it was really fun to see all the deep thought on display.

If you'd like to receive a calendar invite for next month's game, shoot me a DM with your email and join the group channel here: https://share.commonstock.com/share?invite=FIkFbJ

Here is a recap of the picks, links to the video, and the Commonstock users who pitched them:

Round 1:

Green Thumb Industries $GTBIF (OTCMKTS)
Adam Grossman @grossmanadam
Watch the pitch on Youtube HERE

Constellation Brands $STZ
Kyla Scanlon @kyla => Most votes
Watch the pitch on Youtube HERE
Read Kyla's memo on Constellation Brands HERE

Kulicke and Soffa $KLIC
Chris Seifel @chasinggreatness
Wath the pitch on Youtube HERE
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Round 2:

Voyager Digital $VYGVF
Marcus Eagan @marcussorealheis => Most votes
Watch the pitch on Youtube HERE

Argo Blockchain $ARBKF
Gannon Breslin @gannon
Watch the pitch on Youtube HERE

Peloton $PTON
Pat Connolly @pat_connolly
Watch the pitch on Youtube HERE

Activision Blizzard $ATVI
Jay Schlesinger @jays
Watch the pitch on Youtube HERE

See you all next month!

Post media
Jon Bond's avatar
well done @marcussorealheis !
Marcus Eagan's avatar
@007 thanks Jon. It’s a great ride that shall continue
Marcus Eagan's avatar
@kyla so good! I’m jumpin on the train!
Panos's avatar
What’s the meaning of Round 1 and 2? Some pitches advance to the next round because attendants liked the more or is it just a second part of the session?
Nathan Worden's avatar
Just the second part of the session- After a round we vote on the best pitch for that round. Pitches from round 1 don't compete with pitches from round 2.

Someday this will likely turn into a more tournament/bracket style.
Panos's avatar
@nathanworden got it. Thanks for the clarification.



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