Investing Is Better When It's Boring
Since I haven't talked about it here I launched a Substack earlier this year, Hidden Asset Research. Along with that I just put out my second post discussing my thoughts behind the "boring" aspect of investing and my portfolio. You can read it here:

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Bad news for Robinhood ~gamifying~ the casino with the neon light UX lol. Stock market shouldn’t be fun, it should be boring 📈 but admittedly fun is……more fun….
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@jensen more fun is more fun.
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Unfortunately most people will never realize that
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Very true, that's my go-to motto.

Particularly enjoyed your anecdote about the Dutch East India Trading Company. From the original duration of 21 years to now the average holding period of 5.5 months....just goes to show the one thing to avoid is thinking you can see results quick



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