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I published yesterday a complete (at the reasonable point) breakdown of all Google business units. Hope you enjoy it!

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This was such a wonderful breakdown of Google's business units. Helped me a ton!
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@ifb_podcast Glad it was helpful!!
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This is a BEAST! Well done man.
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@investmenttalk Thanks Conor :D
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@giuliano_mana, is there one unit you're most excited about or that you think is critical to $GOOG's future?
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@tomato Interesting question, I think YouTube. Though of course GCP and the whole advertising web Google has is invaluable. Which do you?
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Great work Giuliano!
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@stockopine Thanks guys!
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Love the post! I didn't know that DeepMind contributed a lot to why Youtube, Search, and other Google products improved in quality. I can't wait to see what OpenAI does with Microsoft products.



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