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Performance 5-4-23

Up +1.02% for the day


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Joshua Simka
@tomatoMay 5
With some of these being such volatile companies (where a single day's move can really throw the allocations for a loop), how do you keep so many of them right at 5.0%? Do you buy/sell to rebalance frequently?
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@hypescaleflowMay 5Author
@tomato I did a rebalance recently on 5/1/23 in over a year as I added several new starters positions in more stable dividend growth stocks like $V $SPGI at 2%. I used m1 finance feature that automatically rebalances based on assigned percentage. Prior to that I just let the winner run and added to the losers, so when I did the rebalance to add to the new holdings it came from the winners like $NVDA. Going forward I’m planning on keeping those percentage in check by adding new capital as I plan on going this account size on top with a healthier mix of growth and dividend growth compounders.
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Nathan Worden
@nathanwordenMay 5
Love seeing the Commonstock shareable :)
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